The use of machine learning techniques to stop insect decline

All over the world bees and other insects are in decline. This is problematic because they take care of the pollination of a large part of the flowers and vegetables. Several causes of this decline have been suggested; the fragmantation of the landscape, the loss of habitat and the extensivation of agriculture, including the use of pesticides. Simply said, to stop the decline we need to know what we are doing. It is my goal to develop tools that advance the research in ecology. Currently I am guest researcher at the DTU-compute in Denmark developing a cameratrap for insects.


I am a mathematician with a genuine interest in biology. I got my PhD in mathematics in 2013 from Utrecht University with a thesis entitled Graphs, Curves and Dynamics. My PhD advisor was Gunther Cornelissen. I have had a lifelong interest in biology; I have been an active member of the Dutch youth field biology association NJN and I was fifth in the dutch youth biology olympiad. Whenever, time, location and weather permits it you can find me in nature. I recently started to report the species I see to